Experience Helmet

The Experience Helmet is a device designed to work as a real-time interface between the human mind and sound synthesis. By letting the user to hear how his own brain works, Experience Helmet is seeking to enhance self-awareness because all you hear is yourself.

The information is received through an EEG sensor that reads user body’s natural bio-signals from the brain and outputs them as a power spectrum of alpha, beta, theta and delta waves along with eSense meters for attention and meditation. The Experience Helmet uses those signals as control messages to shape pure sine waves and reflect the person’s mental state with sound. It can be used as a tool to get to know the executive control system of the mind or as a ‘soundtrack’ to different experiences that are gained while wearing the helmet.

P. S. 

A little secret — the sounds are configured to produce 10Hz binaural beats that enhances user’s alpha brainwave pattern for the best internal feeling & sensations.